To Him Who Is My Shelter In These Times Of Turmoil / Ему, моему убежищу в эти смутные времена

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“Я поклоняюсь Самому фактору времени, Тому, для кого время – Его сокрушительные зубы, Ему, у Кого устрашающий лик.  Я поклоняюсь свирепому, яростно могущественному, неистово ужасающему, Тому, Чьи когти – удары молнии, а тело крепко. Я поклоняюсь ужасающе ужасному… но Кто при этом благ, неся всем благо”.

[ изначально эта мантра прозвучала при разговоре Господа Брахмы и Савитри-деви]


To Him Who Is My Shelter In These Times Of Turmoil

“Obeisances to the time-factor, to Him who has time as His all-crushing teeth and who has a greatly fearful face. Obeisances to the ferocious, to the fiercely powerful, to the fiercely horrifying, to Him who has fierce thunderbolt like nails and who has a robust bodily frame. Obeisances to the dreadful, dreadfully horrible, who at the same time is auspicious and bestows auspiciousness on others.”

[ The origin of this mantra is a conversation between Lord Brahma and Sāvitrī-devī ]

Всегда за вас



Forever By Your Side

Even after the disappearance of Sri Guru, if the disciple follows the instructions of his spiritual master and continues to chant the holy name, he can continue to associate with his divine master.

In Vāmana-kalpa [ quoted in Bhakti-sandarbha 237.8 ] Lord Brahma says:

“One’s mantra is identical with one’s guru.
One’s guru is identical with Lord Hari.
When the guru is pleased, Lord Hari is also pleased.”

yo mantraḥ sa guruḥ sākṣād yo guruḥ sa hariḥ svayam
gurur yasya bhavet tuṣṭas tasya tuṣṭo hariḥ svayam

Непостижимо / Marvelous

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“The extraordinary result derived from chanting the transcendentally empowered and eternal name of Krsna just a few times cannot be satisfactorily described, even by persons like Lord Siva or Lord Brahma. So marvelous is the holy name that immediately upon chanting, the chanter attains the supreme destination.” [Brhad Naradiya Purana]