The Chariot of the Mind by Govinda Dasa


I have arrived in Sridam Mayapur for a one-week visit.


śrī-vigraha-guṇa-gaṇa kari gāne


anubhavi kata bhela prema-taraṅgī

By drinking the nectarean honey of the lotus feet of Sri Gaura, by singing the glories of Sri Gaura’s deity, by listening to the instructions of Sri Gaura, and by associating with devotees who follow his instructions, so many fortunate individuals experienced the joyous waves of Prema.

re mana! kāhe karasi anutāpe

pahuṁka pratāpa-mantra karu jāpe

O mind! Why do you keep burning repeatedly in the fire of worldliness? Simply keep chanting the mantra of your dear Lord.

yo kichu vicāri mano-rathe caḍabi

pahuṁka caraṇa-yuga sārathi karabi

Think carefully about the ultimate aim of your life and then climb on the chariot of the [purified] mind. Make the feet of Lord Gaura your charioteer.

ratha-rohana karu prāṇa-turaṅga

āśā-pāśa jori naha bhaṅga

Engage your five life-airs (prāṇa, apāna, udāna, vayāna and samāna) as the five horses driving this chariot. Let āśā, the hope of attaining the Lord, be the strong rope controlling these horses so that the chariot may never break down.

līlā-jaladhi tīre calu dhāī

prema-taraṅge aṅga avagāī

Using this chariot, go quickly towards the shore of the unlimited ocean of the Lord’s loving pastimes. Having reached there, bathe thoroughly in the waves of this ocean of Prema.

rasa-taraṅgī saṅgī hari-dāse

rati-maṇi deī puraba abhilāṣe

In this ocean, you will swim along with other servants of Hari who are delighting in the waves of bhakti-rasa. These servants of Hari will fetch you the rare jewel of Prema from the depths of this ocean and will thus fulfill your most cherished desire.

so rasa-jaladhi mājhe maṇi-geha

tahiṁ rahu gori suśyāmera deha

In the middle of that ocean of bhakti-rasa is a house decorated with precious jewels in which brilliant complexioned Radha and dark-complexioned Syam reside.

sārathi leī milāyaba tāya

govinda-dāsa gaura-guṇa gāya

The charioteer, Lord Gaura’s lotus feet, will help you meet these two, Radha and Shyam. It is for this reason that Govinda Das sings the glories of Gaura.

[ The Chariot of the Mind,

By the medieval poet, Govinda Dasa

from Vaiṣṇava-padāvalī, fourth edition ]

Navadvipa Satakam

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Шрила Прабодхананда Сарасвати раскрывает тайну Навадвипа-дхамы в своей «Навадвипа шатаке» (стих 78):

«Если поклоняешься девяти лесам (девяти островам Навадвипы), лес Враджа твой.
Если не поклоняшься тем девяти лесам, лес Враджа остается в стороне…

«Если поклоняешься сыну брахмана (то есть Гауранге), то знаток любви Враджа (Кришна) твой.
Если не поклоняешься тому сыну брахмана, Кришна никогда твоим не будет».

арадхитам нава-ванам враджа-кананам те
нарадхитам нава-ванам враджа эва дуре
арадхито двиджа-суто враджа-нагарас те
нарадхито двиджа-суто на тавеха кришнах


Srila Prabodhananda Sarasvati reveals the secret of Navadvipa-dhama in his Navadvipa Satakam (verse 78):

“If the nine forests ( the 9 islands of Navadwip ) are worshiped by you, then the forest of Vraja is yours. If the nine forests (the 9 islands of Navadwip) are not worshipped by you, then the same Vraja forest stays away ….

“If the son of the brahmana (i.e. Gauranga) is worshipped by you then the expert lover of Vraja (Krishna) is yours. If the son of the brahmana (i.e. Gauranga) is not worshipped by you then Krishna is never yours.”

aradhitam nava-vanam vraja-kananam te
naradhitam nava-vanam vraja eva dure
aradhito dvija-suto vraja-nagaras te
naradhito dvija-suto na taveha krsnah

The Secrets of Gokula /Секреты Гокулы

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На днях провели парикраму по Гокуле, во Вриндаване. Среди многих новых интересных мест, которые посетили, были священные самадхи Рас Хана и Тадж Биви. Рас Хан был уважаемым мусульманином, и стал известным и весьма уважаемым Вайшнавом. Его стихи о Вриндаване, Радхе и Кришне растапливают сердце. Тадж Биви была царицей у Великих Моголов – в точности как жена императора Акбара – и также обратилась в Гаудия-Вайшнавизм. Она прожила большую часть жизни во Вриндаване, в отречении.

The other day we did parikrama in Gokula, Vrindavan. Among the many new and interesting places we visited were the sacred samadhi’s of Ras Khan and Taj Biwi. Ras Khan was a Muslim gentleman who became a great and highly respected Vaisnava. His poetry about Vrindavan and Rádha and Krsna melts one’s heart. Tāj Biwi was a Mughal Queen – the wife of Emperor Akbar to be exact – who also converted to Gaudiya Vaisnavism and lived most of her life as a renunciate in Vrindavan.




Varsana Parikrama


Yesterday we walked the parikrama path around sacred Varsana, the home of Srimati Radharani. I’ve done it countless times, but like everything else in Krsna consciousness, it is always ever-fresh. I met many of my old friends whom I haven’t seen in almost 2 years. I was happy to find them alive and well. Jaya Sri Radhe!

A Quote Most dear To My Heart / Самая дорогая моему сердцу цитата

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“Когда я принял отреченный образ жизни, моим домом стал лес Вриндавана. Моя кровать – мягкая пыль Вриндавана. Небо Вриндавана – мой кров, а цветущие лианы Вриндавана – мои единственные вещи. Луна над Вриндаваном – светильник моих надежд, а мои четки для воспевания отсчитывают дни до встречи с Божественной Четой, Шри Радхой и Шри Кришной”.

[Лалита Кишори, средневековый поэт-вайшнав]

“Having accepted the renounced order of life, my home is this Vrindavan forest. My bed is the soft dust of Vrindavan. The sky of Vrindavan is my blanket and the flowering creepers of Vrindavan are my only belongings. The moon over Vrindavan is the lamp of my hopes and my chanting beads are counting the days until I meet the Divine Couple, Sri Sri Radha and Krsna.”

[ Lalita Kishori, a medieval Vaisnava Poet ]


Monsoon In Vrindavan

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Yesterday we went to Syama-dhak, near Govardhan Hill, where Radha and Krsna had many sweet pastimes. The forested area was a beautiful lush green from the monsoon rains that are showering down on Vrindavan now. Even the lakes and streams were bright green from a particular algae that grows in them this time of year! And most relishable was the association of a 98-year-old sadhu who shared with us his realizations on the importance of chanting the holy names of Krsna. I couldn’t stop taking photos of his different moods in Krsna consciousness! Vrindavan is such a wonderful place!

The Vrindavan Research Institute

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Today we had the extreme good fortune to visit the prestigious Vrindavan Research Institute where there are more than 32,000 Gaudiya Vaisnava scriptures, including many original writings of Srila Rupa Goswami, Srila Jiva Goswami, Srila Sanatana Goswami and Srila Narottam das Thakur. In fact, many of their writings are unknown and yet unpublished. A number of these scriptures had been kept for centuries in the Radha Damodar Temple in Vrindavan and were donated to the institute over 60 years ago. I could not believe my eyes when I was shown Srila Rupa Goswami’s original handwritten Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu and Srila Narottam das Thakur’s handwritten Prarthana. Touched by the graciousness of the persons in charge, I offered to help in the restoration and maintenance of these sacred scriptures so dear to our hearts.





Once Upon A Time / Вишвакарма возводит Вриндаван

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Dear devotees! This coming Tuesday’s lecture [ May 18, 2021 ] is entitled, “Once Upon A Time.” We’ll be discussing a very interesting and unique pastime – the creation of the original town of Vrindavan 5,000 years ago by the architect of the demigods, Visvakarama. Of course, everything in Vrindavan is eternal, but that includes ‘creation pastimes’! And wait until you hear what special reward Lord Krsna bestowed upon the devatas! 3:30 pm India time on my YouTube channel.

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О Кришна, Ты сама весна

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«О Кришна, Ты сама весна, что заставляет лозу мадхвики (Радху) цвести от счастья.

Пусть же те, в чьих сердцах уже зародилась преданность Тебе, кто, отворив свой слух,

боготворят капли чистейшего великолепного океана нектара Твоих любовных игр во Врадже,

достигнут царства трансцендентной сладости и плавают в его волнах чистой любви».

[ Шрила Рупа Госвами, Видагдха-мадхава 7.62 ]



“O Krsna who are the springtime that makes the madhvika vine of Radha blossom with happiness. May those persons, in whose heart devotion for You has already sprouted and who open their ears to and worship drops of the pure and splendid nectar ocean of Your loving pastimes in Vraja, attain that kingdom of transcendental sweetness and swim in its waves of pure love.”

[ Srila Rupa Goswami, Vidagdha-madhava 7.62 ]




Дом, где родился Шрила Бхактисиддханта Сарасвати Тхакур

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Драгоценная фотография комнаты

в доме Шрилы Бхактивинода Тхакура на Гранд-роуд в Джаганнатха Пури,

где в этот мир явился Шрила Бхактисиддханта Сарасвати.

[ любезно предоставлено Е.C. Бхагават Махараджем ]


A precious photo of the room in Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur’s house on Grand Road in Jagannatha Puri where Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati appeared in this world.

[ courtesy of HH Bhagavat Maharaja ]