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Чудеса случаются

“О Махадев! Скажу тебе… воистину,
святое имя Кришны – самое мистичное из всех.
Знай точно: оно вернет и мертвого обратно к жизни”.

[ Шрила Санатана Госвами, “Шри Хари-бхакти-виласа” 11.501,
цитируется по “Вишну-дхармоттаре” ]

“O Mahadeva! I am telling you the truth!
The holy name of Krishna is most confidential.
Know for certain that this holy name can bring a dead man back to life.”
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“Шри Таттва-сандарбха” о Хари-наме

“Это правда, что мантра с именами Бога действенна, только если получена от истинного представителя Бога в ученической преемственности – и при должно проведенной инициации. Также правда, что в прежние времена, опасаясь неблаготворных последствий оскорблений Хари-намы, обычно лишь те, кто уже были очищены, поклонялись именам Кришны и Его внутренней энергии. Потому в особенности Харе Кришна мантра почти не упоминается в открытую в шрути или смрити. Однако в наш век Чайтанья Махапрабху пошел на особую уступку, что-то вроде автоматической неформальной инициации для каждого – сказав всем мужчинам, женщинам и детям Вселенной воспевать Харе Кришна Маха-мантру. При этом Он согласился принимать на Себя последствия наших оскорблений Хари-намы, если мы воспеваем согласно Его указанию. Поэтому люди этого века и могут воспевать маха-мантру и ощутимо прогрессировать духовно еще до того, как станут вполне уполномоченными посредством формального посвящения в воспевание мантры”.

[ “Шри Таттва-сандарбха” Шрилы Дживы Госвами, текст 15, комментарий. Translated from the original Sanskrit, with the author’s Sarva-samvadini commentary, by Gopiparanadhana Dasa. Giriraja Publishing ]

“It is true that a mantra with names of God is effective only when received from a bone fide representative of God in disciplic succession through proper initiation. It is also true that in previous ages, out of fear of the adverse effects of offenses against hari-nama, generally only those who were already purified worshiped the names of Krsna and His internal potency. Therefore the Hare Krsna mantra in particular is almost never mentioned openly in sruti or smrti. Nevertheless, in the current age Caitanya Mahaprabhu has given a special concession, a kind of automatic or informal initiation to everyone, by ordering every man, woman and child in the universe to chant the Hare Krsna maha-mantra. In doing so, He has offered to take on His own head the reactions of our offenses against hari-nama when we chant according to His order. Thus even before being fully empowered by formal initiation to chant the mantra, persons of this age can chant the maha-mantra and make tangible spiritual advancement. “
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На берегу океана любви / In the Shore of the Ocean of Love

“O friend of the world! O Ocean of love! The populace has become full of deceit and bereft of knowledge. O my master! Kindly give them shelter at Your lotus feet, for the holy name, uplifter of the fallen, has become manifest from You.”
[ Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya, Susloka Satakam, verse 21 ]



“О друг мира! Океан любви! Люди теперь полны лжи, лишены знания.
Господин мой! Милостиво даруй им приют Твоих лотосных стоп,
ведь святое имя, спасающее падших, изошло от Тебя”.

[ Сарвабхаума Бхаттачарйа, Сушлока-шатакам, стих 21 ]


Воспевание из самого сердца / Heart Deep Japa

“Джапа должна идти из глубин сердца, а не просто сходить с губ, как нечто механическое;
другими словами, наша цель – это воспевание из самого сердца”.


[ Шрила Бхактисиддханта Сарасвати Тхакур ]

“Japa must be heart deep and not only with the lips like something mechanical –

in other words, chanting with the heart is our goal.”

[ Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura ]

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Август-сентябрь 2014

“The devotee should make it a regular practice to spend a little time alone in a quiet place and concentrate deeply on the holy name. He should utter and hear the name distinctly. It is impossible for the jiva to singlehandedly avoid and overcome the illusion of distraction. By the mercy of the Lord, however, […]
25 авг 2014


“I offer my obeisances unto the shoes of those devotees who are expert in extricating those sunk in the rotten muck in the bottom of the ocean of material existence, and who become blissful by hearing the pair of syllables, ‘Krsna’, impelled to dance with all their hairs bristling.” [ A verse by an Utkala […]31 авг 2014



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Шива – Кришне / Such Happiness

Я вернулся домой, в Шри Вриндавана-дхаму – и я счастлив, принимая прибежище святых имен:

«Служу Тебе и поклоняюсь, молитвы предлагаю и воспеваю имена – и неизбывно счастье.
Лишь только прекращаю – и счастья тоже нет»

[Господь Шива – Господу Кришне в “Брахма-вайварта-пуране” 1.6.14 ]


I have arrived back home in Sri Vrindavan Dhama and am happily taking shelter of the holy names: “My happiness is uninterrupted while serving You, worshiping You, offering prayers to You and chanting Your holy names. When these activities are finished, my happiness is also finished.”
[ Lord Siva to Lord Krsna in the Brahma-vivarta purana ]
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Декабрь 2013 – январь 2014

“Inattention arising from laziness prevents a person from relishing the nectar of the holy names while chanting japa. He is slow to chant and remember the holy names. Even after trying, he soon finds the effort unendurable and wants to sleep or otherwise engage himself in frivolity. “Advanced devotees are cautious against such an offense. […]


“The heavenly planets are more celebrated than the earth. But the celebrity of earth has defeated that of the heavenly planets because of Dwarka where Lord Sri Krsna reigned as a king. Three places, mainly Vrindavan, Mathura and Dwarka, are more important than the famous planets within the universe. These places are perpetually sanctified because […]



Даже ребенок / Even a Сhild

 “There is no need of understanding the language of the mantra, nor is there any need of mental speculation, nor any intellectual adjustment for chanting this maha-mantra. It springs automatically from the spiritual platform, and as such, anyone can take part in this transcendental sound vibration without any previous qualification and dance in ecstasy. We have seen it practically. Even a child can take part in the chanting, or even a dog can take part in it”.

[ Srila Prabhupada ]




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A Thousand Lifetimes / Тысячи жизней

“Only one who has worshipped the deity of the lord for at least a thousand lifetimes, and in each life having taken proper brahmanical initiation, is able to vibrate the holy name of Lord.” [Vaisnava Cintamani]
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Непостижимо / Marvelous

“The extraordinary result derived from chanting the transcendentally empowered and eternal name of Krsna just a few times cannot be satisfactorily described, even by persons like Lord Siva or Lord Brahma. So marvelous is the holy name that immediately upon chanting, the chanter attains the supreme destination.” [Brhad Naradiya Purana]